Lara Gilles is a freelance photographer and retoucher based in Berlin focusing on fashion and beauty.
Originally from Luxembourg, where she was born in 1992, she moved to Berlin in 2013 to study photography at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule. She graduated with a bachelor of arts in 2017.

Her photography has a narrative character and she enjoys to capture unique beauties. Inspired by expressive light situations, she creates stories with an atmospheric mood.
Influenced by the cinematic approach, Lara likes to play with elegance and produces colourful narratives. She is seeking for the unusual moment to be revealed.

L'Officiel Australia // Sicky Magazine // HUF Magazine // Lucy's Magazine // Design Scene // Jute Magazine // iMute Magazine // Atlas Magazine // Solstice Magazine // Dreamingless Magazine // Xiox Magazine // The Storm Magazine // Institute Magazine // Stell Magazine // Tinsel Tokyo // La +Plus Belle Magazine // Envie Magazine // Ellements Magazine // Elegant Magazine